Choosing The Right Pool Contractor

Have you got a pool? If you do, you will need to employ a pool contractor at some point. He or she might need to do some repairs, or just give routine pool maintenance. There are several choices. KB Custom Pools-Pool Contractor  is one of the authority sites on this topic.

But if you employ a contractor, you’re going to have to do more than turn to the yellow pages or check the internet. Finding the right pool service provider is not a easy job.

You’ll need to take stock of your needs before you start. Was that the fix you need? A tear on your pool liner or a cover?A break in the concrete?A leak?A leak?

Or is it the routine cleaning of the pool that you need? Is there someone to hold your filter, pump and main drain? Are you looking for a repair specialist with whom you can have a long-term relationship? When you answer these questions, you’ll have a better idea of what you need when you start your hunt.

First, check out the nearest Better Business Bureau. It is a network of consumer advocates who provide disgruntled consumers a central place to register business grievances. Whenever anyone files a complaint, the Better Business Bureau reviews the company in question and publishes a score based on the behavior of the company. A low BBB contractor is one you can mark off your list.

You may also use other online evaluation resources. Sites such as Angie’s List which is a member only site and Ripoff’s Report are designed to provide homeowners with a valuable tool for analysis. Other places like Citysearch and Yelp tend to concentrate more on restaurants and leisure venues, but often you’ll find contractors there as well.

First, get the contractors references on your list. If there are no references to a contractor, cross it off your list. Good contractors will also ask happy customers to send letters of reference or contact details that potential new customers will use to provide you with accurate information about the contractors on your list.

It is also necessary to get proof of insurance from your contractor. Any contractor  not only your pool guy who works on your property should be covered by liability insurance. This way, whether he’s hurt at work or damages your house, he’s insured (and you’re not on the hook for costly repairs or hospital bills).

When you are asked by the contractor for a big deposit before beginning the work, say goodbye. A small deposit about 10% of the estimated cost  is fair. But no more than that, because you’re asking for trouble.

And finally, don’t let any contractor intimidate you or put pressure on you to make an immediate decision. Even if you have an immediate need to address your problems, it is more important to take the time to make the correct decision.